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on today, claire mccaskill. >> she was yelling yesterday, too. >> my goodness. did you see that? let's show everybody. it's my top story. >> when you're in the middle of a mob, never ask, do you trust me? >> don't do that. >> i never made that mistake. >> don't do that. >> unless you know the answer. >> we love claire. >> she didn't know the answer. >> time for a look at some of today's top stories. at least a dozen members of congress will hold town hall meetings in their home states following up on barack obama's trip to new hampshire on tuesday. speaking to a crowd of thousands, the president took on the issue of health care and what he calls scare tactics used to stifle the debate. >> the rumor that's been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the house of representatives voted for death panels that will basically pull the plug on grandma because we have decided that we don't -- it's too expensive to let her live anymore. i am not in favor of that. so just i want to -- i want to clear the air here. >> let me just say really quickly -- >> yes? >> i was also flipping over 0,
. and then, 1005 water people showed up to listen to claire mccaskill. >> i honestly do not get it -- 1500 people showed up. [crowd grumbling] >> i beg your pardon? you do not trust me? [crowd yells, "no"] bill: we understand her frustration, and she will be here on "the factor" in some moments, but millions of americans are skeptical about obama's leadership on health care because he has not been able to demonstrate that it will make their lives better pick it is as simple as that. one way to persuade them is to appear on the nation's prime- time news program, "the factor," and fox news in general. he should be all over our network. most of us what robust debate, but most of them do not show up, and now looks like the obama administration wants a war with fox is. let me ask you, who is that going to help? us. our ratings are already sorry. they are dying. we are on fire. if the obama administration -- our ratings are already soaring. if they do not, they are dunderheads. there comes a time when the benefit of the doubt ships. misstating the aarp position, using a young girl as a setup, an
. claire mccaskill town hall meeting today facing more screens and more boos. a minute ago, somebody get carted out. listen live. >> i'm not going anywhere. [applause] shepard: they took somebody out in handcuffs just a minute ago. we are trying to back up the tape. listen. >> they made their own decisions on what they need to do today. i hope they did not impose on any of you, but let's give them a hand. [applause] now, here is the sad part about this, and i'm going to talk to the cameras in a minute -- here is the sad part about this. we have been at this for an hour-and-a-half, almost an hour and 45 minutes, and there are strong feelings in this room. while there have been some people that have been impolite, by and large, we have been able to get through it, right? by and large, i think we have had a pretty good discussion about this bill and what is in it, what is not, and what people are upset about. the sad thing is, all they will show on the news tonight is that man. [inaudible] shepard: i'm sorry about the audio, but we want you to see this. listen. >> i know many of you are on
, and there is a claire mccaskill town hall debate that's going on right now. we are going to be dipping into it. stay with us. we'll be right back. when she started forgetting things, i was hoping it was nothing. grandma! what a nice surprise! mom, it's sunday. that's when i knew i couldn't wait. mom's doctor said these were signs of alzheimer's, a type of dementia, and that prescription aricept could help. he said it's the only treatment proven effective... for all stages of alzheimer's. studies showed aricept slows the progression... of alzheimer's symptoms. it improves cognition... and slows the decline of overall function. aricept is well tolerated but not for everyone. people at risk for stomach ulcers... or who take certain other medicines... should tell their doctors... because serious stomach problems... such as bleeding may get worse. some people may experience fainting. some people may have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bruising, or not sleep well. some people may have muscle cramps... or loss of appetite or may feel tired. in studies, these were usually mild and temporary. mom. talk to your
on town hall. senator claire mccaskill will attend a town hall. there she is. she's live, so not in a few moments, so all the questions in this case we're told were put in a bucket. senator mccaskill has asked for two volunteers opposed to the reform bill, to pull the questions. that way she's trying to preempt any accusations that they're only asking questions that are amenable to what she wants to talk about. so we'll watch that. when we see -- >> let's listen in for a second. >> can you promise my tax dollars will not fund abortion? i can tell you there's not one word in this bill that would allow federal tax dollars to be spent on abortion. okay. next question. oh, i'm sorry. i didn't see you still standing up. yes, sir. >> may i please respond to your answer? >> beg your pardon? >> may i please respond to your answ answer. >> you want me to take one -- oh, you want to respond to my answer? okay. i'll give you a minute. >> first of all, just a side note, associated press, which is usually very liberal type of reporting system, said that obama's plan would allow abortion -- secondly, n
to the meeting then i will just continue. >> do you work for us or we work for you? >> senator claire mccaskill urged everyone to chill, my word, not hers. >> i hope everybody takes a deep breath, quits yelling, both sides. >> the senate's number two democrat claimed the insurance industry is jamming up the protests. >> they want a little clip on youtube to disrupt a town meeting and to sell the congressman running for his car. that doesn't help. >> it was in the late '60's that authorities first found themselves disrupted by mobs, guerilla theater and forms of protest developed by the anti-war left. fox news contributor juan williams is one of the foremost chroniclers of the era. >> these are tactics of the left. these are track ticks that the left created. they are the generators of these very tactic, and so now that other people are adopting these techniques, they are portrayed as out of line and not patriotic. >> the hippies labeled nixon a fascist, an and they are charges still flying around like rocks in the modern day starting with house speaker nancy pelosi tuesday. >> its was a sound m
opinion, in a civil way. megyn: thank you. bill: find a way, claire mccaskill is our guest. she says that calling them manufactured is a mistake. in the meantime, "forbes magazine" calls it the best college in the nation, but what they learned that college is carried over to the combat line. the cadets are receiving specialized training for a whole new kind of war. what are the senior cadets learning in this training? >> good morning. they are learning how to do with even more complex ethical and political some areas in the field, talking about cultural traditions and values. this is a new cadet leader- training program. it is part of the reason why west point was rated the no. 1 college in america. the general here is being credited as helping it to achieve in number one status. new trading procedures include some areas such as storm and a village occupied by civilians, insurgents, and insurgents posing as civilians, which leaves holders with a complex mix. >> every leader needs to go into a village or an area of population and be prepared to deal with anything from a hand grenade t
. what is this? >> the same rough halingf setor claire mccaskill. u do not trust me? >> we have weeks more othis. can . obama fend off this assat and capture the initiative? >> state with us you can. still to come, can the new generation of palestinian leers succeed where their predecessors failed? first, while the rest of the wod struggles to cope with ecession, china powe ahead. its econoc rovery seems to be t result of a masve stimulus package. industrial production was up 11 china's al problem looks to be falling expeorts. >> beind china's remarkable economicevival cheap loans from beijing. the government has been pouring money in construction. bldg, rads, and infrastructure. successive investments rose by 1/3. china's faories are also humming once again, largely thanks to the government's help. instrial output jumd 11%. it is a tremendo relief f people flocki to the industri hartland for work. e economy is now gathering so much steam thaanks have slashed the amot ofuan the lent. >> the jy number was more sustainable and more usu. even the rest ofhe ye, the same kind onumber inul
them and call them names and talk about astroturf by contrast, senator claire mccaskill, democrat from missouri, said in her twitter account, listen, i think this is just real people. that's the choice. the real terrorism going on is msnbc and the liberal media somatic cell upside down. >> player liberals sought to americans that there play for the pharmaceutical companies that don't want this to happen. >> of pharmaceutical copies are for this third greatest trick in american politics ever. they had the drug company back room deal at the white house, the insurance company running as if in favor of healthcare reform and they are being vilified by the democrats at the same time. it's a really neat trick to make jane brought this up. she update us to have been asked to contact if they see disinformation about fark the shelter plan. this into our major garrett get into it with are not collecting names for the e-mails to me by asking him than person markets the goal here. i don't understand what the particular goal is? >> the particular goal is too. >> to e-mail the white house tickets to
of august. senator claire mccaskill says congress is sending the wrong message. south carolina mark sanford used aircraft for personal use, some of his trips to argentine and topping $6,000. with me now is the president of citizens against government waste. the reason congress is getting them is because they say the aging fleet is too expensive to maintain. what they are going to do by buying the new jets is really save us money. >> there are 24 already. the pentagon has asked for a few. two of our latest -- have already been earmarked for someone. we can understand why they have not mentioned to. this is a terrible example to be sitting at a time when people are out of work. they are controlling executive compensation. the house just passed a bill that says we will decide what people are paid, but we are going to take a jet. trace: that is the problem. people have a problem believing conagra's. when they say we are going to spend $550 million on these new jets and we are going to say the money. the bottom line is, people have a hard time believing their congressional members. >> certainly,
state in any election, a swing state. let's look at senator claire mccaskill and another -- and important state. >> -- an important state. >>ç the surplus. [heckling] it is important today, it is important that we -- >> nancy pelosi, harry reid, and the rest of the people in congress, are they going to be willing to be on the same plan they are asking us to be on? sean: listen to those crowds. "angry mobs"? "manufactured"? what are your thoughts. >> i think it is organic, and i do want to make this point, and this is important. these are our electorates officials, and i think it is important that we treat them with respect and dignity -- these are our elected officials. this is important. we're going to be bringing something to you next week from our focus group. i hear that anger. but if it is an elected official, even if we disagree with them, i think we should treat them with respect and dignity. sean: i agree, but how about the dnc saying about the people showingç up our "kendry" -- are "angry"? is that manufactured? or is this real passion that people have? how a
violent sessions so that claire mccaskill even had to cancel one because of fear of violence. >> senator chair mccaskill's office said she didn't cancel her town hall meeting. the school where it was going to be held called it off. >>> you expect the people who take care of you, the doctor's office, to be ledgeit, right? police say a connecticut woman posed as registered nurse and threw herself a reception and gave herself an award without having the proper training. now she faces criminal charges and five years in prison. here's affiliate wfsb. >> reporter: we started our day at the door of betty lichenstein who didn't answer. according to her arrest warrant affidavit, the 56-year-old norwalk woman is accused of pretending to be a registered nurse. this was first discovered when a patient complained about getting a shot from lichenstein to the department of health and stated that the antibiotic had to be injected slowly and they were very painful when administered by the accused. >> big surprise, i guess. >> big surprise. i thought she was a nice woman. still do. maybe just went down th
at jefferson college, missouri. claire mccaskill is holding her town hall meeting. she did this yesterday and again today to get a feel for the public is. we can tell you from brand new polling from rasmussen, 53% of those polled are against health care reform. in the meantime, president obama is wrapping up his town hall in new hampshire. a calm forum compared to some of the meetings that we have been showing you, but the president did comment on the outspoken critics. >> where we disagree, let's disagree over things that are revealed. not these wild misrepresentation that bear no resemblance to anything that has actually been proposed. [applause] the way politics works sometimes is the people who want to keep things the way they are will try to scare the heck out of folks and create bogeymen out there that are not real. trace: mike emanuel is live in portsmouth, new hampshire. we have protesters on both sides but inside it seems pretty friendly. >> a very different scene inside. we are told that the 1800 people here were not prescreened, that most of them were able to sign up to get tic
: senator claire mccaskill addressing angry people at a town hall. why are the people so upset in missouri? answers are after the break. bill: a television star accused of murder help the ratings. megyn: never thought of that. bill: not yet we have not. megyn: cannot make this up. ♪ are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. chocolatey taste in 60 calories? ♪ ♪ oh, so delicious who cares? jell-o sugar free pudding. every diet needs a little wiggle room. being smart. yep. just booked my 10th night on, so i get a night free. you. me. getaway. really? where? anywhere you want. a bed and breakfast? bed and breakfast. check. a place by the beach? a place by awesome. oh, you are smart. accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcome rewards from smart. so smart. boys, wake up! boys!! teenagers. yeah, up at the crack of noon. when you use windex, the streak-free shine... lets in more light. and t
arlen specter, claire mccaskill receiving some very confrontational questions, a i aggressive body language, people being yanked out of the room or escorted i should say out of the room when they became disruptive as well. >> let's get right to our next read on politics. for more on all of this with the stories heading into tomorrow, mark murray is nbc news deputy political director. what do you have? >> david and tamron, that's right, tomorrow there will be more town halls. one in particular will be for maryland senator ben cardin that everyone is going to be probably watching for tomorrow. >>> also tomorrow president obama will be hosting a reception for newly minted supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. >>> and finally on his plate, he will be hosting another reception for medal of freedom winners. sandra day o'connor, billie jean king, and senator ted kennedy. >> we were asking but the number of people who have real questions who are looking for solid answers from this administration combined with those who are perhaps using this for political gain. how is the white house tryi
, physically violent sessions claire mccaskill had to cancel one next week because of fear of violence. >> president obama said the only way to build a stronger economy, reforming the health care system. >>> judge sonia sotomayor officially becomes a supreme court justice today. she will take a private oath that the constitution requires of all federal employees then she'll take a public oath to pledge she will administer justice fairly and impartially. sotomayor is expected to hear her first arguments next months when the court take as key campaign finance case. >>> your 401(k) probably got a boost from news fewer jobs than expected were cut last month. the surprise drop in the unemployment rate jolted wall street. stocks rallied yesterday closing at the highest point in nine months. the improved jobless rate of 9.4% caught most financial experts off guard expecting it to be worse, the first drop in the unemployment rate in more than a year. >>> the better-than-expected unemployment numbers brought welcome relief in this recession but a lot of people are still losing their paychecks.
their opposition to government-run health care. that is our issue tonight. last week it was senator claire mccaskill's staff who got an earful at a town haul meeting. >> sean: well, yesterday the city of brotherly love didn't exactly live up to its namesake at a town hall meeting featuring senator arlen spector and health secretary kathleen sebelius. >> i look at this health care plan, i see nothing that is about health or about fair. what i see is a bureaucratic nightmare, senator. medicaid is broke. medicare is broke. social security is broke and you want us to believe that a government that can't even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run 1/7 of our u.s. economy? no, sir! no! sean: wow, that sounded more like a philadelphia eagles game or a flyers game than a town hall. joining me to discuss this and more, the author of the book "stroir -- catastrophe," how obama, congress, and the special interests are transforming a slump into a crash, freedom into socialism and a disaster into a catastrophe and how to fight back. dick morris is here. that's a good way to fight back. >> it s
are probably going to be reported to the white house. that is not good. çgreta: senator claire mccaskil tweeted. she says she disagrees with the people showing concern being not regular folks. she is backing off. >> here is my prediction. very few town meetings between now and the end of this month. i think you will see the democrats pull the plug on town meetings and for them to go away. greta: this is a recess, but this is late-breaking news in our business. you work anyway. when you have breaking news, i am in this chair anyway. we went to the cleveland clinic yesterday. they should be talking to doctors. they should be really hustling and learning stuff. >> they have seen the youtube videos. i guarantee you, they are going to hide. today's news, yesterday's news, all of this news going on right now is not helping barack obama, and i am telling you. the white house is going to say ," , pull the plug on these meetings, or make sure you have the right people therea' -- the white us is going to say, "pull the plug on these meetings or make sure you have the right people there." greta: i
, everyone. i am neil cavuto. you know it is bad when claire mccaskill says stop speaking on the same day that steny hoyer and nancy pelosi called protesters un-american. even the president of the united states is using to step back from the heat here, while commenting on reform efforts south of the border today. >> it is a healthy thing. neil: the editor for the op-ed news, nancy pelosi did not say anything for weeks, now that protesters are getting nervy. but all of them? >> here is the thing. let me cut to the chase. these town hall protesters are denying the dozens of other people who have come to these meetings, they are denying those folks free speech. there are a lot of other protests that have happened in the past by liberal groups, but one thing that you will notice is that there is a line that they do not cross. they do not protest town hall debates and open forums, those are the chances to interact. neil: are you looking at the foot -- footage that i am? in 2006 they wanted to give a speech in michigan state, and they were heckled. he was called a racist, kicked, and spit on. t
-- >> republicans can't see the sunshine. bret: it's not just republicans. it is claire mccaskill from missouri. >> she wants to up the fuel standards. >> these are trivial games on fuel efficiency and global warming and middle east dependence. it is immeasurably small. >> if you want to put more money into it, that will stop that argument. >> this is not economic stimulus. this is ought foe si -- this is auto industry stimulus f you are the son or daughter of a car dealer, you're thrilled. it is just shifting the spending. the details of the program, too, are, i would say, the perfect example for republicans to seize on and to warn about the problems of big government programs t was supposed to start july 1. it couldn't, because it wasn't ready. the administrative costs were $50 million to make this thing happen. when it started on july 24, within two days, the computers crashed. dealers were not able to register the transactions that they had dement in, and they were facing $15,000 fines essentially. the e.p.a., in the middle of the week decided to change which cars were eligible for the cash
're talking to missouri senator claire mccaskill on cash for clunkers. senator owe llympia snowe, i hao idea where she stands on this along with debbie stabenow. the latest from savannah guthrie. mort zuckerman will be here and international superstar erin burnett will be talking about the genocide of camels in australia when we return. >>> the rising cost of health care as a massive fire breathing debt and deficit dragon. i have a chart here that shows not sir lancelot but sur taxalot. it is lethal to america's job engine. the goose that lays the golden egg sur taxalot is no dragon slayer. >> what the hell happened here? what happened here? so you went out to eat at medieval times and had to figure out a way to expense it as a business meeting? is that what happened? just pay for the dinner. >> oh, my god. >> is that charlie grassley? >> it was grassley. >> he was joking, right? >> no, i'm afraid -- >> that was a joke, right? like "the daily show," we have this green screen. that's what happened, right? >> is that real? >> that was on the floor of the senate. >> did this guy -- did everybod
with the army general. not bad. >>> no screaming match that the town hall meeting. democrat senator claire mccaskill answering tough questions about end of life care. cnn, headlines news, or msnbc are locked on your favorites? if they are i've got the gift for you. i'm gonna richardson and my next guest is ken pullson. a pleasure to have you here. >> good to be with you >> what is the museum. most people know. >> sometimes there you an a museum in articling ton, virginia called the museum. it was an effort to remind americans of the value of news gathering in america and a nod to the first amendment. we did so well there so we decided to take it where the action is. we have a brand new museum called a the museum on pennsylvania avenue. it's a -- it's a 45 word sign out front with the words of the first amendment 'em blazed there. we think it's healthy for them to read that says congress shall make no law. we're attempting to put it in neon. >> it is flashing? >> it's not a tribute to journalists. we had a blogger say i'm not going to set foot in that museum until they do an extra special to copy edi
of democrats holding these meetings despite the fact that many of the democrats are -- claire mccaskill in missouri, another one who took the heat today as well. gary tuchman. thanks so much for that. >>> given all the heat directed at the president and his party at these town halls, the question is politically at least, why even bother? one view is that " check it out. join the live chat. >>> coming up next, dr. sanjay gupta answering fears and concerns about health care reform with the facts. >>> also, more searches in the michael jackson case. zeroing in on his doctor. lisa bloom and jim moret digging deeper on that. tonight on "360." >>> we have been talking tonight about health care reform. president obama's effort to quell the anger and get the message out. questioning at his town hall this afternoon in portsmouth, new hampshire was skeptical at times but it was totally calm. other town halls have run the gamut. we've been showing you some of what senator arlen specter dealt with today. moments of rage but also genuine doubts about the cost of health care reform. >> soci
. >> wow. a similar scene played out later this afternoon when senator claire mccaskill held a town meeting in hillsboro, missouri. add in the protester with the gun strapped to his lower leg who showed up at a church near the town hall event that president obama held in portsmouth, new hampshire today. it's legal to carry the gun in that state, but this is what happens when the demagogues turn up the heat and the angry people come out in force. they start to tune in. that protester will be on the show to explain what he was doing with a gun near the president's meeting this afternoon. >>> also, eunice kennedy shriver, the sister of john f. kennedy and senator ted kennedy, died earlier today. doris kearns goodwin and mike barnic will be here to talk about the kennedys and the shrivers. >>> plus, we told you last night about what hillary clinton said when she was asked a question about what her husband thought about something. tonight we have that video, and it's interesting. that's in "the politics fix" tonight. >>> speaking of bill clinton, the hero of pyongyang, he's in vegas. that's in t
on the air. it happened right during this hour. we heard senator claire mccaskill at the time immediately tell us that the woman was wrong to have brought a poster against the rules that were established at the meeting. everyone was told not to have signs or posters. we are getting another perspective as we watch this video now. watch as the man comes in and rips it out of her hands and then she is taken away there. we are going to show you that again in just a minute. come back to me if you can, roger. this woman who was there is going to take us through it. she is joining us live and going to take us through this. miss johnson, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> let's start with what was on the sign, itself? >> it was a sign that had a picture of rosa parks and a historical moment and her freedom to ride on the bus. >> let me stop you. that day, we're just trying to make things correct if they were wrong that day. everything happened so fast. it was breaking news. it was live. we were told it was a poster of barack obama. that's not true? >> that is not. that i
-- >> medicare and social security -- >> reporter: and missouri's claire mccaskill are hearing it from extremely unhappy americans who don't like the idea of health care reform. >> same plan they're asking us to be -- >> reporter: people have been arrested. others have suffered minor injuries with pushing and shoving. democrats like florida's kathy castor have barely been able to get in a word edgewise. at her meeting, reform opponents were seething because hundreds of them were stuck outside the town hall because they couldn't sit in the room. protesters held signs on the other side of the window. the congresswoman had to be hustled out. in texas, congressman lloyd doggett tried to talk. >> you voted against -- >> reporter: he, too, was drowned out. one protester used his artisan reach to pick the congressman in a rather unsavory way. >> the crowd certainly was angry. i suppose some might have had a negative reaction to the poster that said lloyd doggett, traitor to texas, devil to all people. >> reporter: how did it come to this? depends on who you ask. the democratic national committee says t
to restore trust in the health care. >> senator claire mccaskill and list ten to both sides of the debate. tom foreman takes us there. >> reporter: another day, another angry public meeting. this one at a community college in hagerstown, maryland. >> this government is out of control. >> senator cardin is pushing for control. >> i can assure you i'm not going to push for any bill that will cut off care to someone in need of care. >> reporter: and in the audience, mark is just as intent on pushing back. >> how are you going to look at my children and say that they have a better future? >> reporter: chris calls himself an independent who votes mostly republican. he organized one of the anti-tax tea parties. he questions the constitutional right of congress to enact such a reform but that it means mainly tax bills for families for decades. >> it's disappointing to me that i'm -- i'm just an average guy. >> if we go the way it's going to go, the way it's going now, i've heard a trillion for health care legislation, it's not really going to be a trillion dollars. it's going to be a lot more th
of them today. claire mccaskill is holding two meetings in her home state of missouri. to the northwest in kansas, john mccain, claire mccaskill, and kit bond are making an appearance at a children's hospital. there were three senators at this forum. were the main concern different than what we have seen in the others? >> no, the same sorts of concerns, but only from a select audience. these are doctors, professionals, health care officials, including local government. they were focusing on cost, access, on folks who cannot afford insurance. what was different was hearing the three republican senators saying that they wanted reform. there were too many people that were uninjured. the catch coming from mitch mcconnell was that we need to sit down and talk about this, start over again. martha: who was in the crowd? some are asking my the public was not invited. >> all three senators pointed out that they had already done public hearings in the month of august. they say they have seen unprecedented levels of the anchor that have been vented at some of these town hall meetings, and they wan
one of debt for senator claire mccaskill that was in fact canceled. it was going to be at a high school. she did not cancel it. it was canceled by school administrators to protect the students from any potential outbursts. there have been reports of just over a dozen very disruptive protests against these town hall meetings, sponsored by democrats across the country. senator claire mccaskill will be here later today for a town hall meeting. it is invited guests who have to click on her website to come here. there is some concern about the possibility of health care reform opponents coming here as they have across the country. with dozens of towns -- town halls, there have been a few that have been particularly tense. democrats and law enforcement have become alert. rick: a lot of people in favor of health-care reform say that the people who are showing up at these meetings are part of an orchestrated attempt by the special interest groups. how much of that is actually true? >> there are some special interest groups and organizations that are opposed to various different proposals
, congressman pelosi, president obama, robert gibbs, his spokesperson, here is senator claire mccaskill out there, this woman is encouraging these town hall meetings, taking on all comers and any part of the state of missouri, i think that's exemplary, what is the big deal here? >> i have to agree with you, lou. democracy is an endless meeting when you discussion and some heat and noise. sometimes you have democracy. when you have hidden gathers and people don't have discussions, that's not democracy. what that is is congratulating politicians for doing things that they may not, should not and probably might not have done had someone been looking, different issue. >> an entirely different take, errol, this president has had demanded as of last friday the house and the senate pass something that is unshaped, unmarked, and unscored. and wanted that to be policy for six of the nation's of the economy, for all of americans, and against that, we also have now the leadership and the house saying you're un-american to oppose it. my god what's going on? >> the un-american part was, you know, to sho
halls, putting future constituent meetings in jeopardy. missouri senator clair mccaskill's tuesday town hall at a high school is cancelled after school officials cited the safety of their staff and the senator tweeted last night and she was disappointed by that cancellation. >> rick: two terrorist suspects are dead after a raid in the -- and the investigation of last month's attacks on hotels in jakarta and authorities say five other suspected militants are in custody after police seized explosives and a car bomb and last month's attack in the end kneesian capital -- indonesian capital killed five people. >> jamie: people in a huge illegal gun and drug bust, 200 illegal guns and 200 grams of cocaine and $50,000 in cash in raids around new bedford thursday, after a 6-month wiretap probe nicknamed operation lightning bolt. >> rick: the white house continues to push hard for health care reform. even as more and more town hall meetings are disrupted, or cancelled by americans, who say they are angry and they are scared, and joining us now, is a columnist for the "wall street journal," john
saw senator claire mccaskill at one of these town halls that we have seen so much of on the news, and in response to a question, she was claiming, well, this's absolutely nothing in any of these bills about abortion. technically she is right. there isn't anything in these bills about abortion, but the way the law works, what the courts have ruled on this is when the law is silent, the abortion is considered to be a medical procedure or medical benefit that has to be covered. that is why we need things such as the hyde amend mentd that we have had in the past where you have explicit prohibitions. technically, it's true. there is nothing about abortions in these bills which means it will be covered. glenn: they have fought tooth and nail to keep out hang waj language that excluded abortions. glenn: when we come back from the break, i want to talk about the end of life things that are in there and the misdirection there. america, important decisions to make. you have to know who you are, who we are as a nation, who we are as people, and when you become a person or when you lose your
, whether it is senator arlen specter or senator claire mccaskill to have the audacity to say at a town hall meeting, "well, the bill is a very long, and we parcel it out to staff to read." well, i understand that, but the fact is this bill is too massive. it is too expensive. they are going too fast. seniors are saying, "slow it down a little bit." neil: jim martin, thank you. >> thank you, neil. neil: lawmakers pushing the president's health-care plan facing a backlash at the polls prove an independent pollster from suffolk university think so. -- backlash at the polls? an independent pollster thinks so. >> i believe it is. we have seen voter anger among elderly voters once before back in october 2008 when most of the older voters who were natural mccain voters were losing support and supporting barack obama by wide margins in october 2008. the differences between the september 2008 polls and the election, something happened. from september 30, the dow dropped from 10,000,850, and then it was a 2400-point drop in 10 days -- the dow dropped from 10,850. neil: it is probable. some of our big
confirmed a sign containing the "n" word in any way. senator clair mccaskill who hosted that meeting said this. >> i'm not sure that it would be accurate to make that about race. the disagreement yesterday was more because somebody broke the rules and brought in a sign when nobody was allowed to bring in a sign and they were flaunting it. and it angered people and passions got out of control. bill: joining us now with reaction fox news analyst dr. marc lamont hill. i'm worried about the stuff on all the networks, this happened on cnn that they say this stuff. it didn't happen. there is no n word sign. the guy was arrested, who did that and the woman rightfully was ejected because she broke the rule. so, you know, why would the guy go on and try to make it a race issue. >> there is a race issue here. it's very important that we have accurate facts all the time. ripping down a rosa parks sign is an important point here. there is a racial ghex to that i'm pretty confident. bill: how do you know what he knew who rosa parks was on the other side. >> the fact. >> if ronald reagan was on that si
a break. up next, what made senator clair mccaskill say this at a town hall today. >> i don't understand this rudeness. what is this? greta: senator yeah. ♪ me too how sick is the web browsing !? all the apps... gps... video. yeah... you didn't get your blackberry with the verizon network, did you ? no. sorry. so it doesn't work here, does it ? no. umm... but... paperweight mode. alright ! >> hours ago, hillsborough missouri. senator mccaskill gets an earful from protesters at town hall. the senator stood her ground. >> catch a crook over here. and the system over here. >> hey, hey, hey. ma'am, everybody sit down. >> she insisted on coming today and what mom wants, mom gets. >> we learned at the dinner table that democracy meant getting into it. >> beg your pardon, sir? let the man talked to asked question. >> i said it's not realistic right now. >> tug at our heart strings and tell us it's for the children. >> i'm so disappointed. [boos] >> honestly, i am. >> how are you going to vote yes on this bill? you work for us. and we knew in november that we didn't want it. [ applause ] i hav
the bill. he's failing because he can't get claire mccaskill on board. he can't get evan bayh. he's like a basketball coach who not only owns the players on the court, he owns the arena. if they are fighting each other -- get them to stop fighting. >> speaker pelosi said health care reform without the public option. i have the house. maxine waters said the following, she would refuse to vote for a reform that didn't include a public option. she says president obama has been trying to reach across the aisle. it's not going to happen. the people of this country el t elected you. we know you are a nice man and want to work with the opposite side of the aisle. you have to drop it and move forward. be tough, use what you have, do what you have to do and we have your back. s supporters of the president are saying, to joe's point, you own washington, you campaigned hard on this. knock heads, get people in line behind you. >> had he not started by trying to be bipartisan, he would be getting whipped upside the head for not reaching across the aisle. they are right, a public option ought to be e
there in the missouri, democratic senator clair mccaskill faced another one of those sometimes rowdy town hall meetings. republicans say given the month of august that the democrats have had. given that polling numbers about health care reform is slipping, why wouldn't they invite us to the table to get something done that everybody likes? so far the democrats haven't answered. shep? shepard: steve brown live in kansas city. remember carrie bree january? she is back in the news and she is suing pageant officials. she is accusing them of libel and slander and religious discrimination. carrie prejanuary prejean was first runner-up during the miss u.s.a. pageant. she lost because she answered the question saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman. carrie then lost her crown because the pageant said she missed several pageant appearances. now she is accusing the pageant to stop mentioning god even before our controversial remark on marriage. one of the pageant's says it does not -- brand new protection for some of baseball's hottest prospects and maybe for some of its biggest stars as well.
condition. here is to red bull smoothies! >> scooters everywhere. senator claire mccaskill claim too many are paid for by medicare. >> there may be a few people that need scooters but a lot of people that are given scooters ought to take a walk. >> reform backers want to put a buzz saw to a system they say is broken. >> in the end we neat coverage for the folks who can't get it now. >> the latest fox news opinion dynamics poll says among reform opponents, 14% say quality would worsen. 11% don't trust the government. 10% say it will raise costs an 8% say healthcare reform will increase the federal deficit but no bill has passed the house or senate yet so nobody knows what is up for consideration. >> everybody is rushing to the bandwagon saying oh, it's going to be this way or that way. it ain't going to be nothing yet. they haven't decided anything. >> that is a smart iowan. in fact, it is going to be three more weeks before congress gets back to washington and can get back to work and with polls beginning to slip and public sentiments seeming to turn more towards the opposition, supporter
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